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Who are we

KEEP SAILING is owned and operated by Appyminds I/S and this policy is in effect for the service located on the web-site: KEEPSAILIG.NET, KEEPAILING.DK and KEEPSAILING.SE, as well as the related app.

Appyminds I/S
CVR: 34811040
Kirketoften 18
6230 Rødekro
Telefon 21 27 98 80

Appyminds I/S is the data-responsible in relation your data and our operations partner is data processor.
You can read more about our operations partner in the chapter "Where is your data stored".

What personal data do we collect and why

We collect the data you have entered when you created your account, i.e. your e-mail address as well as the data you store when tracking which includes pictures and comments.

We also register payments made in order to comply with current legislation.

Data is only collected with the purpose of providing you with the KEEP SAILING service and we do not share data with 3rd party.


KEEP SAILING only uses a few cookies with the purpose of enhancing the user experience and to ensure the operation of the service.

Cookies may be used to make sure that you can stay logged in on the same device and save other information that you would otherwise need to re-enter.

Besides there may be cookies from 3rd parties in order to collect statistics and show ads.

Emedded content from other web-sites

You have the possibility of embedding content from other web-sites in your logbook. It could be, but not restricted to a YouTube video.

Embedded content from other web-sites, is to be considered the same way as if the user visited the web-site that delivers the content.

These web-sites could collect data about you, use cookies, share data with 3rd party and track your interaction with the embedded content. We have no control over this, so you need to consult with the content provider in order to asses the protection of your privacy.


KEEP SAILING does not use analytical tools that can be traced back to a specific individual.

Who do we share your data with

We do not share your data with others (except for payments that goes through a certified payment provider). But be aware that you can share your content with others if you wish, as part of the KEEP SAILING functionality.

For how long do we store your data

The personal data are stored in our database during the time you choose to have a KEEP SAILING account. If you delete your account, your account data, tracking data and images are deleted physically in the database. This happens withouth any significant delay, and data is erased and cannot be restored.

If you have made payments, data about your payment transaction will remain for at least 5 years, due to current legislation.

What are your rights to your data

Your personal data in terms of tracking and images can be downloaded at any time by you. Tracking data can be exported from your lobgbook in GPX format, and tracking data combined with your images kan be downloaded by creating a trip and then export that to a PDF file.

Where is your data stored

Your personal information is stored on a server with our partner who operates the hardware.

The partner is: UNOEURO

We have entered into a data processor agreement with UNOEURO and you can read more about their policies on this link: UNOEURO Policy and agreement

Contact information

You can contact us with information below, in case you have any questions to our privacy and data policies.

Appyminds I/S
CVR: 34811040
Kirketoften 18
6230 Rødekro

Phone 21 27 98 80

Data Protection Officer: Jesper Ruben Hansen

Published 22. february 2019

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